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Vera is a skater just beginning her journey into skating. Her goals are very broad and undefined at this point. However, no matter what her goals a solid foundation and an accelerated training path will keep her motivated and rewarded with new and exciting skills.

By working on the slideboard, Vera is introduced to off ice training and gets to participate with more advanced skaters which can help motivate her learning. She is able to begin learning jump techniques, strength building and conditioning earlier in her skating career.

Examples of Vera's Work Plan
  • For conditioning

    • Running Man​

    • Swizzles

    • Mountain Climbers

  • For strength training

    • pelvic tilts​

    • plank holds

  • For Technique

    • Two foot push aways​

    • Stroking

    • Jump walk through

Check out Vera's videos on the right to see solutions to her problem areas. Bring your problems to us and we will revolutionize the solution. 

Examples of
Charlottes Work Outs
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