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"4D Skating is a revolutionary way of training off the ice. It has minimal impact & accurate representations that help you focus on all aspects of a jump and spin. 4D Skating Revolution helps you get in tune with your brain & body so you’re 100% on the ice.”

Nina Jiang

2-Time National Champion & International Competitor

"As an Olympian, a Coach and parent of a skater, I believe in the advancement of training techniques!  After having witnessed 4D Skating by Becky Dever, I believe that the future of figure skating training and development has arrived!"

Kitty Caruthers-Conrad

Olympic Silver Medalist

"Being a World and Olympic Choreographer & Coach means being open to the newest and most innovative means to help our skaters succeed. My students that utilize the 4D slideboards have improved in explosion from the legs with minimal impact. Clarity of position in the air to increase success ratio, and a much needed kinesthetic awareness of their body. Thank You Rebecca Dever!!"

Phillip Mills

U.S. National & International Coach & Choreographer

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