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Centered around the 4D Slideboard, 4D Skating Revolution is a reduced impacttraining and conditioning program designed to build stronger jump mechanics without the athlete adding undue stress to the body.  This innovative, off-ice system of exercises and techniques is focused on assisting and emphasizing body preservation while developing muscle memory, which are essential factors in performing on the ice.


How can the skater hit a body position that they have never been able to physically obtain and therefore do not fully understand what it should feel like?


By using the 4D Slideboard skaters can isolate specific moments of different skating elements to learn correct body position and therefore begin to understand correct body positions. The use of the 4D Slideboard allows the skaters to isolate specific movements of the jump in a non-confrontational environment without fear of falling. 

By eliminating gravitation forces that are experienced during jumping, body awareness and mechanics can be manually adjusted frame by frame which will allow the skater feel the position, teaches the crucial muscle memory, and improve fluidity of movement.  Improved mechanics, acute body awareness, fluidity of movement through the jump, and strength through isolation are the trademarks of the 4D Skating Revolution training programs.  

About the Revolution

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