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Training Philosophy

The value of off-ice training benefits both technical and strength building skills. 4D Skating is here to provided more efficient training routines and exercises to maximize the benefits of off ice training. Simply put, 4D Skating believes: successful training is built upon the mastery of fundamental skills before adding new and more dynamic exercises. 


The 4D Skating training programs are multi-faceted spanning the range from teaching swizzles to triple-axel.  By reverse engineering the mechanics of different skating elements, 4D Skating has been able to target specific movements that will enable the successful completion of all skating skills.


Developing skaters with quality jump mechanics, improved muscle memory and reduced impact training will allow the skaters to achieve their goals faster while mitigating the potential for overuse injuries. 4D Skating achieves this by implementing 4 phases of training along with an Elite Track. 


Below are the training components of 4D Skating Revolutions:  Jumps, Spins, Stroking, Step sequence and Injury Prevention. Although exercises focus on specific skills, improving one area will positively affect all areas of skaters skills.

Find out how to go beyond traditional off ice training techniques below.

Strong skating fundamentals are essential to completing clean solid jumps.

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