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4D Skating is a big fan of pre-hab not rehab. However, not matter what happens, athletes get injured. Traditionally, for most skaters that means taking time off the ice. When skaters are not skating they are losing stamia, timing on jumps and something else. This is not the case for 4D Skaters. Slideboard traing can continue even when a skater is injured, with physian approval. 

Matti can substitute ice time for sideboard time. She keeps her regular lesson schedule and can practice on the slideboard afterwards to increase repitations. She is able to work on jump technique, strength building and stamina. She is also about to use the slideboard to repeat a technique until its memorized.

Examples Injury Prevention and Rehab Excersizes for Matti
  • For conditioning

    • moutain climbers​

    • in outs

    • running man

  • For strength training

    • pelvic tilts​

    • plank holds

    • a third thing because things in 3 are good

  • For Technique

    • two foot push aways​

    • individual jump exercises

    • jump walk through

Check out Matti's videos on the right to see solutions to her problem areas. Bring your problems to us and we will revolutionize the solution. 

Examples of
Charlottes Work Outs
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