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Katie is a skater who has spent many years skating and training under traditional methods. While she has consistent double jumps and she is not maximizing her full potential. By transitioning a portion of her training time to slideboard because she has increased flexibility in scheduling and location. Slideboard training has the added benefit of not requiring ice to be functional.  The slideboard reduces time spent on learning corrections through falling which lowers the risk of injury.


She is able to work on jump technique and strength building yielding a more effective training routine.

Check out Katie's videos on the right to see solutions to her problem areas. Bring your problems to us and we will revolutionize the solution. 

Examples of Katie's Work Plan
  • For conditioning

    • moutain climbers​

    • in outs

    • running man

  • For strength training

    • pelvic tilts​

    • plank holds

    • Crossover side planks

  • For Technique

    • two foot push aways​

    • individual jump exercises

    • jump walk through

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