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Avery is an advanced skater, training on ice two hours or more a day. She has defined goals and is working hard to accomplish her goals during the competitive season. 

By working on the slideboard after freestyles end and at home, Avery is able to maximize her time. She is able to work on jump technique, strength building. She is also about to use the slideboard to repeat a technique until its memorized.

Check out Avery's videos below to see solutions to her problem areas. Bring your problems to us and we will revolutionize the solution. 

Examples of Avery's Work Plan
  • For conditioning

    • mountain climbers

    • in outs

    • running man

  • For strength training

    • pelvic tilts

    • plank holds

  • For Technique

    • two-foot push aways

    • individual jump exercises

    • jump walk through

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